Artworks by Tracey Emin

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Tracey Emin

Chess Set

Type of work

Bronze, fabric, cotton thread, cord, ink, etched Corian and Hallmarked silver brooch, 32 bronze pieces (King 5cm., Pawn 2cm.), board 45 x 45 cm., carrying case for pieces 45 x 45 cm., bag: 22 x 24 x 15 cm., wood & glass display case: 88 x 91.5 x 52 cm., edition 7 (engraved with signature and edition number on back of brooch), 2008

Text on the front of the carrying case reads 'It was never about winning or losing, it was only about loving. And I do love you very much!'

Text on the back of the carrying case reads 'I always wanted you to make love to me, even when I begged you to stop.'

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